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Integrating ICT in the educational processes of people with severe mental illness and / or dual diagnosis. Logo Erasmus+

The inTICgration project

Code: 2014‐1‐ES01‐KA204‐004893

The inTICgration intervention concept is related to one of the most challenging health problems in the Western countries: comorbidity of mental disorders and substance abuse.

The main aim of inTICgration consists in the systematic description of the needs of treated patients/clients suffering from serious mental illness and/or dual pathology in the corresponding catchment areas of the project partners in order to develop adequate educational strategies, like the implementation of new information and communication technologies. Such measures may reduce relapse risk and/or psychosocial as well as health complications in the scope of the tertiary prevention.



This general aim is targeted to following groups:
a) Users: people suffering from severe mental illnesses.
b) Teachers, tutors, and other related professionals, having direct contact to users.


In summary

Improving the attention and educational opportunities to people with serious mental illness and/or dual pathology developing several ICT applications to various devices- smartphones, tablets, computers- with a management system which brings to the users contrasted, updated, useful and motivating tools, that facilitate a better educational attention, more motivating, more updated, more appropriate to social uses and changes.

Final product

Developed as a common project by 5 european organizations under the framework of Erasmus+, InTICgration Webapp is a platform which promotes timely, secure and seamless collaboration between mental health patients and care providers.

InTICgration Webapp supports in Severe Mental Illness and/or Dual Diagnosis treatment, and provides different tools for learning and support, improving the attention and monitoring of users, promoting their autonomy. The webapp development has included a detailed review of best practices on dual diagnosis and mental illness among partners.

Watch the introduction video:

InTICgration webapp is an innovative and free access tool:

It comes in five languages (Spanish, Portuguese, English, German, and Italian), being useful for several European countries.

Designed for interacting between proffesionals and users remotely: assigning tasks, communicating by chat, develop and assess the personal therapeutic pathway, with statistics tools; InTICgration webapp can be used a complementary tool for rehabilitator clinical treatment.

The webapp can be a space to exchange experiences and good practices between centers and professionals.

It is technically designed to evolve and adapt to technological changes.

The platform integrates both educational and therapeutic components.

InTICgration webapp includes:

Documentation bankfor proffesionals and users.

Communication system and messaging between centers, proffesionals and proffesional-user.

Agenda to facilitate the tratment adherence and self control and registration.

Addictive behaviors analysis utility with self control and registration of substances abuse and/or pathological gambling.

Assessment, analysis and self registration utility for improving daily life activities management and routines control.

Demo activity for Social Skills development.

Proffesional package for technical and epidemiological analysis, including data base and statistical exploitation on the platform and the users profiles, analysis tools, individual monitoring, and results assessment.


InTICgration project partners